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Is your horse 100% healthy?



Do you suspect that something isn’t quite right?

Has there been a recent change in her appearance, attitude, appetite, or performance?

Has it simply been a long time since he had any health screening tests performed?


To address your concerns,
In cooperation with IDEXX laboratories and for a limited time only, we are offering a complete
Here is an explanation of how this testing may be beneficial:

This blood work profile was set up to screen horses for conditions that either are or will affect well-being if not addressed. At the very least, determining baseline values will be helpful should your horse develop health issues in the future.

It can also be useful for horses with known or suspected medical conditions such as liver or kidney disease, over-training & stress, anemia, infection and electrolyte imbalances.  Results typically become available within 1-2 business days.

Five tests are included for only $45, including:
  • Coggins test – This test checks for the disease known as Equine Infectious Anemia.  A negative result (and appropriate paperwork) are required to travel across state lines.
  • Electrolyte panel – Electrolytes evaluated include calcium, phosphorus, chloride, potassium, sodium and magnesium.  These substances play crucial rolls in cellular function in a variety of tissues and organs.
  • Chemistry panel – The presence of specific proteins and other substances are measured in this panel.  Some of these can be higher or lower than normal due to organ or tissue damage.  Others are can be abnormal due to hormone or dietary problems.
  • Complete Blood Cell Count(CBC) – Different types of blood cells have different duties.  The absolute or relative amounts of these can be diagnostic (or at least suggestive) of infection, allergies or even cancer.
  • Fibrinogen precipitation test – This test helps to show the relative degree of inflammation cause by a condition and/or how long the condition has been present.

For even more thorough health screening, a quantitative fecal egg count can be added for $10.

Every new patient of PCEC also may receive a complementary abdominal radiograph to screen for sand accumulation or stones in the colon.

more information on sand related health issues here